Biogas is a gas produced by the process of decomposing organic matter. With anaerobic bacteria causing gas to decompose, this gas is called biogas.
Biogas benefits
- It is a gas used for cooking in place of a gas stove.
- Used for lighting And give heat
- Used as fuel for water suction engines Car engine
- Used as fuel for heating the product drying Or to give warmth to children in different farms such as chickens and pigs.
Design, construction, improvement of wastewater treatment system Environmental Engineering (Environmental Engineering) Design, construction and improvement of waste water treatment systems Biogas production system Reuse of waste water And various environmental engineering jobs By environmental engineers From associate level, general engineer, engineer and qualified engineer Including consultation on calculation, design, construction supervision Inspection And project management

We strive to assist our customers save energy-related expenses by applying safe and beautiful quality insulating coating to their facilities with minimal day-to-day operation disruption.

Coating for the future

Our products prevent heat gain in buildings to improve comfort, lower energy bills, and reduce heat stress hazards in the workplace.

Planet Supra uses ultrafine hollow nano silica beads which reflects the solar radiation. Planet Supra releases the 95 percent of the head out the building. Only the remain 5 percent comes in.

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